Want Me To Personally Create A Game Plan For You, That Will Bring You 9's And 10's And High Status Guy Friends, All Within The Next 30 Days, Totally For Free?


Warning: Only a couple spots left!

How Would You Like For Me To PERSONALLY Help You Create The Life Of Your Dreams Filled With Your Ideal Girls And High Status Guy Friends?

And the best part... I'll do it for you for free

RSD Luke here, and I wanted to offer you something special in order to give back to the community that has given me so much.

For a limited amount of time, I am giving away FREE personalized coaching calls with either me or one of my Social Elite Executive Coaches, to help you come up with a personalized gameplan to create your dream life.

This will be a no-fluff, value packed call that will be personally tailored to YOUR success and the kind of results YOU want to achieve.

During this call, we will discuss:

  • How to get your PERSONAL 9 and 10, and how to create a lifestyle where your ideal girl and high status guy friend is constantly coming into your life

  • How to create your IDEAL type of relationship. Whether that's LTR's, threesomes, or open relationships, we'll be going over some of the personal tactics I've used to have multiple threesomes and date girls that usually go after rockstars and celebrities.

  • How to use social networking to increase your income and how to get paid large amounts of money to throw high-level events that everyone wants to attend.

  • How to be the life of the party, and never have another night spent alone cold approaching on the streets, instead being invited to exclusive events such as Maxim parties and The Playboy Mansion.


The secrets to living a lavish lifestyle filled with traveling, parties, and vacation getaways, and how to do this virtually for FREE using a few techniques I've created and perfected over the years.


By tweaking the essentials of what you need to focus on to achieve the results you’re after with your life, we will pinpoint the smallest and most powerful action steps which will carry over into lifelong results.

I’m pumped and excited for this strategy call, as they are a value bombs of knowledge and you’ll have explosions of epiphany after epiphany after epiphany.

You’re going to understand how to get efficient, real results about your current situation and how to tweak the trajectory of your entire life.

This is a no fluff call.

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Warning: Only a couple spots left!

What I’m going to cover during this call will help you understand:

  • How to leverage your existing social circle (and how you’re only a few connections away from creating the life you want with whoever you choose to be there)!

  • The core understanding of what accelerates your results to Instructor level in just 90 days!

  • And so much more.


There are strict but reasonable requirements to qualify for this free consultation session.

You’ve got to:

  • be a do-er and put this knowledge into practice…
  • Comfortable with the thought of never going back to your old self…
  • Willing to ask for help from our coaches to help you be better…
  • Give feedback and track your journey…
  • Mentally ready for the rapid transformation you’ll experience…

As this is so personal and spaces are extremely limited, it’ll be impossible to coach more than a handful of people at a time, but my team and I are dedicated to help you improve and accelerate the results in your personal, and dating life.

So if you’re seeing this page, I still have spots open.

If you’ve tried to get better and failed to get the results you want, if you’ve watched hours of video and YouTube content and struggled to put the pieces together.

If you’ve had some level of success but the life of your dreams is still out of reach, or you believe it is...

Then click the button below and fill out the application to apply for a personalized 1-on-1 coaching call.

You’ll hear from us within 48 hours, whether we pick you for the call or not.

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I look forward to speaking to you and hearing from you.


Warning: Only a couple spots left!